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LGBTQIAP+ product


Rainbow cotton masks have been available for some time, but FFP2 masks not. We wanted to have them, but vendors said, that that's no business for them. We don't want to be invisible, especially not during Pride. That's why we decided to take charge of this ourselves – and just produce them.

Be Visible

Our Promisse

We are queer activists, not rainbow capitalists.

Best price

One mask will be sold for 1.50€ (net) no matter where you buy it. Promissed.


10 cent per masks are given to LGBTQ+ organisations/innitiatives.


Our masks comply with all legal reqierments and standards (CE).

Our Brand


Companies are often founded by privileged, white, heterosexual men and their logos consequently reflect their reality of life. We didn’t want to follow this principle and instead chose a symbol from our everyday life: a polyamorous triad of a non-binary, female and male person. Spread the Love!


Our Design

Horizontal stripes are way more difficult to produce than vertical ones, but we also think it looks better. In any case, we have protected all designs, so that large corporations cannot take over that market, and we are able to offer the masks for a reasonable price.

Package Units

Get masks for you or all your friends. They are at least as hot as glitter 🦄



FFPride2 Mask

3 €

2 pieces in one package



FFPride2 Box

15 €Sold out

5 packs of 2 each

Where to buy

Retail - Online

DocCheckShop, International Shipping from Germany

Retail - Stores


Wien: Papierhafen, Franz-Josefs-Kai 27, A-1010 Wien (Google Maps)

Lower Austria: Weltladen Schwechat, Franz Schubert-Straße 1-3/TOP 7, 2320 Schwechat (Google Maps)

Tyrol: Hosi Tirol, Kapuzinergasse 43, 6020 Innsbruck (Google Maps)


Hesse: Merton Apotheke, Lurgiallee 6-8, 60439 Frankfurt (Google Maps)

Hesse: Burg-Apotheke, Frankfurter Str. 7 61462 Königstein im Taunus (Google Maps)

Schleswig-Holstein: TragBar, Holtenauer Str. 174 24105 Kiel (Google Maps)

Wholsale and registred Unions / Charity (≥ 100 pieces)

info@ffpride2.com, International shipping, express shipping
Special conditions for LGBTAIQ+ & other sustainable unions